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Cloth Insulated Wire Replacement

Replacing Cloth Insulated Wiring

Cloth insulated wire can be dangerous. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of this risk. And, many do not realize that their home has cloth-insulated wiring. Paneling and drywall hide the wires. Therefore, the consumer likely knows nothing about it. You can find out if your home has cloth-insulated wiring by opening your breaker panel.

Do you see a thin cloth wrapped around the wiring? If so, you need to contact H&A NYC Electrician to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Cloth-Insulated Wiring FAQs

Ultimately, cloth wiring is bad. This type of wiring was popular before the 1960s. Today, it goes unused because it is unsafe. Cloth-insulated wires increase the risk of a house fire. Therefore, you need to replace the wire quickly.

Failing to do so could lead to devastating repercussions.

Consumers should understand that cloth isn’t going to last. As time passes, the cloth will become brittle. After several years, it will fall apart. The wire will no longer have proper insulation. Instead, the wire is going to be exposed. For homeowners, cloth-insulated wiring creates several problems.

First and foremost, you have to worry about the wires rubbing together. If this happens, you may experience a fire. Furthermore, you must be concerned about touching the wire. Since it is exposed, there is a higher risk that you’re going to get shocked.

Proper insulation is needed to keep your electrical system safe. Also, the system may not be grounded. If the system isn’t grounded, it is dangerous. Both problems need to be addressed and fixed.

If you have cloth wiring, you need to fix it. The best solution is to hire a professional. Working with electricity is dangerous. Unless you’re licensed, you shouldn’t try to fix this problem. Doing so will prove to be risky. Instead, you should hire a professional to handle it. Contact H&A NYC Electrician to schedule a home inspection. The team will help find out what is wrong and what needs to happen. The company’s services are cost-effective and reliable.

If you have cloth wiring, your home’s wiring is not safe. You cannot let this problem linger. If you do, the risks are going to climb. You might regret your decision. It is pertinent to replace the cloth wiring as soon as possible. Contact H&A NYC Electrician to get started today.


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