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Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement

Knob & Tube Wire Replacement in NYC

Knob and tube wiring was one of the first systems used to provide households with electricity. Electricians used this wiring in homes from 1880 to 1935. Sadly, knob and tube wires are outdated and unsafe. If your home has this type of wiring, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Calling an electrician is highly recommended. H&A NYC Electrician can help you solve this problem.

Homeowners dealing with this wiring should have their homes rewired. Rewiring your house is the best way to solve the problem and protect your loved ones. If your home has a knob and wiring system, you have issues to worry about right now. You likely won’t be able to get a homeowner’s insurance policy due to this issue. It is best to get rid of the wiring as soon as possible, and our company can help.

Knob & Tube Wiring Replacement FAQs

No. Knob and tube wiring are dangerous because it raises the risk of house fires. With this wiring, you’re putting your loved ones at risk. There is also a chance that the system is not grounded. You need to solve this issue and replace the wiring as soon as possible.

Yes. Knob and tube wiring was very popular many years ago. However, its popularity has decreased a lot because it is unsafe. These older systems cannot handle today’s computers, entertainment systems, and appliances. If the breakers are tripping consistently, you need to replace the system. H&A NYC Electrician offers wire replacement services.


The insulation used with knob and tube wiring is dangerous too. If the wires produce a spark, the insulation will catch fire. It is a good idea to replace the wires and insulation.


No. You cannot get insurance for a home if that home has knob and tube wiring. You won’t be able to sell the house either. Before you can do anything, you will need to replace the knob and tube wiring.

Replace the wiring as soon as possible because it is too dangerous to ignore it. You can contact H&A NYC Electrician and get assistance today.


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