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New York Residential Remodels And Renovations

Buildings, constructed of the highest quality materials, are guaranteed to last for 40 years. With routine maintenance, remodeling, and renovation, it is possible to extend a home’s service life by 10 years or longer. Unfortunately, too many people tend to ignore the condition of their homes, especially when all the internal systems are operating in full capacity.

When Is A Residential Remodel Needed?

Remodeling is a necessity to ensure the home is up to code. Every state has building codes to protect the home’s occupants and visitors, as well as entire neighborhoods from potentially dangerous building structures. Without these codes, structurally unsound buildings would be erected throughout the State of New York without a second thought.

When it is determined, a building is structurally unsound, the solution macay be a full remodel. During a residential remodel, all of the internal systems are updated with the latest technologies, extensions are oftentimes added on, and the structure is brought up to code.

What Is A Residential Renovation?

A residential renovation entails a partial or complete modernization of a home. A renovation project entails a partial or total revamp of the internal systems, the exterior and/or interior are overhauled, and improvements are made wherever necessary.

Residential Electrical System Update

Outdated electrical systems pose a fire risk for the occupants, their visitors, and community members as well as their properties. As the “heart” of a home, the electrical system brings electricity from the main power line into the home.

When the system is declared “outdated,” the homeowner will be forced to make a very important decision. You will need to decide to take the DIY electrical system update route or hire H&A NYC Electrician to oversee the update.

Either way, the home’s electrical system must be brought up to code. When is a residential electrical system update necessary?

  • When the electrical system no longer meets the local building codes
  • When circuit breaker tripping can no longer be prevented
  • When outages can no longer be prevented

Homes constructed before 1950 may need a total electrical rewiring, which entails the full replacement of the electrical panel, circuit breakers, wiring, outlets, and light switches.

How Much Is Professional Remodeling And Renovation

Every remodeling and renovation project is unique, resulting in monetary variances. This basically means your renovation project is unique compared to the neighbor on the street corner. The best way to get the actual cost of a residential remodel is through a quote. H&A NYC Electrician offers free remodeling and renovation quotes.


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