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Electrical Safety Inspection For NYC Homes

A potential fire hazard could be hiding behind your walls. How are you going to know for certain? Unfortunately, you won’t until you’ve removed the drywall. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our free home safety inspections.

You need to fix the problem immediately. If you wait too long, you will regret your decision.

Potential Risks

A handful of electrical issues will raise the risks of a house fire. You’ll find out more about the potential risk below.

Old Wiring – Homes wired during the 1950s often used cloth-insulated wires. A cloth is not a good insulator because it degrades quickly. It will eventually degrade to the point that it is no longer beneficial. Then, the wires will touch and create problems.

Aluminum – Cloth-insulated wires were not used during the 60s and 70s. However, aluminum wiring became very popular. Aluminum wiring is terrible too. It is inexpensive and low-quality. It raises the risk that the system will experience arc faults. If this happens, a fire could easily consume your home.

Circuit Breaker Trips – It is natural for your circuit breaker to trip. However, this shouldn’t happen too often. If it does, you likely have something wrong.

Outlets Overwhelmed – It is pertinent to avoid overloading your outlets. Don’t plug too many cords into a single outlet since this will raises the risks.

You’re likely worried that a home safety inspection is going to consume your entire day. But this is not the case. The professionals at H&A NYC Electrician can perform electrical home safety inspections in a few hours. We’ll get in and out before you know it.

Our certified professionals in New York City can help you identify problems quickly.

FAQs For Free Home Safety Inspections

Homeowners can use periodic tests to check the safety of their electrical systems. The test can help pinpoint any hazard, overloads, and other problems. Put your mind at ease with a periodic test.

In terms of electricity, there are four electrical tests. Homeowners should call an electrician and ask about high voltage, earth continuity, line leakage, and insulation resistance tests. The tests help ensure that your electrical system is working safely.

The EICR is the Electrical Installation Condition Report is a document compiled by the inspector after the electrical installation finishes.

Homeowners can use an electrical safety inspection checklist to confirm the safety of their home’s electrical system. Numerous checklists can be found online and on this website.


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