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Electrical Circuit Breaker Installation in New York (New Installation)

Electrical circuit breakers play a major role in a residential electrical system. Without these components, it would impossible to run power from the electricity service provider’s main pole into the home. Electrical breakers offer a broad range of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Circuit breakers are expandable
  • Circuit breakers minimize fire risks
  • Circuit breakers are replaceable
  • Circuit breakers automatically disconnect power into the home in the event of an overload or short circuit

Why Install Circuit Breakers In A Home?

As mentioned previously, bringing electricity into a building structure would not be possible without circuit breakers. In the past, electricians utilized fuses that replicated the circuit breaker. Fuses are nearly a thing of the past because they can no longer help the residential electrical panel generate enough power for modern-day appliances and electronics.

Nearly all modern homes are installed with electrical panels, which are comprised of the following components:

Other components that are not found in the electrical panel but make up the home’s electrical system include the following:

  • Ceiling and wall electrical box for lighting
  • Electrical boxes for outlets (receptacle)
  • 220-Volt outlets for appliances, central heat and air units, and clothes dryers
  • Electrical hard-wired connections for smoke alarms, outdoor lighting, and security camera system

Why Replace Circuit Breakers?

There comes a time when your circuit breakers will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is a complex task that requires the help of the electricity service provider and potentially a licensed electrician.

To replace the circuit breakers, you need to access the electrical panel, which is not a big deal. However, it is impossible to start the installation until the main power coming into the electrical panel is switched off. Only your electricity service provider can switch the power off. And, in most cases, an electrician is dispatched out to the home to perform the task. Even with a smart electrical meter, it is not always possible to turn the power off remotely.

Once the main power is disconnected, you can start uninstalling the damaged circuit breaker. The next step is to install the new circuit breaker. The last step to have your electricity service provider turn the main power back on. Only then will you be able to test the new circuit breaker utilizing a voltmeter. You can also test the outlets, switches, and other components connected to the circuit.

Why Upgrade An Electrical Panel?

There are many reasons why an electrical panel may need to be upgraded. In most cases, the upgrade entails the installation of new circuit breakers and one or more outlets. Electrical panel upgrades are required for the following:

  • Add-on for new appliances, saunas, hot tubs, EV charging stations, room additions
  • No longer meeting the household electricity need
  • Internal components are not working properly
  • The main breaker does not disconnect the main power

How Much Does An Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost?

Electrical panel upgrade service cost varies from home to home. The larger the home, the more complex the electrical panel, and a larger number of connected components (outlets and switches) will equal more expense.

The only way to determine the actual cost before the project begins is through our free quote. We rely on full inspection of the electrical panel to determine the actual quote. It is only normal for you to be concerned about cost. Most households operate around a strict budget, which does not oftentimes include home maintenance.

Contact our local New York office to require your free electrical panel upgrade quote. Our customer service team will schedule you for our free in-home inspection at your earliest convenience.


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