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Electric services are expensive. Many homeowners are worried they won’t be able to afford this expense. The good news is that you have options at your disposal. If you’re concerned about the costs, you should find electricians offering free estimates. H&A NYC Electrician is happy to provide free quotes.

Why Free Quotes Are Available

Many New York electricians will not offer free quotes. Others won’t provide quotes over the phone. They want to charge for their so-called free estimate. With this in mind, you should avoid these companies. Work with us because we offer free quotes without gimmicks.

We offer free quotes without obligations. If you don’t like our prices, you can choose another electrician. We think you’ll like our prices, so we’re not afraid to give free quotes. When possible, we’ll give you a free quote over the phone.

FAQs Our Free Electrical Estimates

No. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a free estimate over the phone for all services. However, we will provide a free estimate for most of our services. If the project is simple, we can tell you the cost over the phone.

For simple jobs, we’ll happily give you a free estimate over the phone. If we have to troubleshoot the problem, we cannot offer you a free quote. It would be impossible because we don’t know what is wrong or what it will take to fix it.

H&A NYC Electrician has been providing house rewiring services for many years. With this service, the cost typically depends on the size of the home. As a result, it is easy for us to provide you with a free estimate for house rewiring services. If you like our estimate, you should invite us to your house. Our qualified electrician will inspect your home and give you a bid. Once you’ve accepted it, the project can begin.

Yes. We can give you a free estimate for our EV charger installation services. In most cases, the price will start at $250. The final price will depend on the distance from your garage to the electrical panel. We can offer free estimates over the phone. Or, we can send an electrician to your home. With the latter option, we’ll give you a bid, so you’ll know how much it’ll cost to install your EV charger

If we have to troubleshoot the problem, we can’t give you a free estimate. Since troubleshooting is required, we don’t know what is wrong. We don’t want to offer a low price only to find out that the problem is complex. Instead, we’ll need to find out what has gone wrong before we can give you a price.

Our electrician will visit your home and identify the problem. Then, he will give you a written bid. If you accept the bid price, the work can begin immediately. Either way, we cannot offer you a free estimate when troubleshooting is required.

Troubleshooting projects are complex since we aren’t sure what is wrong. We won’t know until we look at the problem. Therefore, we cannot provide free quotes for troubleshooting jobs. We’ll need to visit your home and look at the system first.

We can give you a free estimate, but the price may be different. A free estimate comes before we see the problem. The bid is the price you’ll pay.


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