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Generator Installation Services in Manhattan NY

Businesses and homeowners never know when they’re going to experience a power outage. This problem is more than an inconvenience since it could lead to massive losses. During this tumultuous time, consumers should rely on a backup generator. An emergency generator will keep the lights on regardless of storms.

Installation & Maintenance Of Generators

H&A NYC Electrician has been installing and maintaining generators for many years. We can install generators in New York City and surrounding areas. In addition to this, we’re happy to help businesses and homeowners. When you decide to give yourself peace of mind, you should contact us to learn more about our generator installation services.

Using a generator is simple but installing one is not. You can’t move forward haphazardly since this could lead to big problems. Avoid issues by letting a professional install your new generator. While the costs are expensive, it’ll be worth it. With a generator at home, you’ll know you can weather any storm.

Generator Installation Steps

Our company will follow several steps when installing a generator.

Analyzing The Situation – First and foremost, we will take time to study the situation. We’ll look at your current energy needs until we find out which generator will work best for you. We want to avoid picking a generator that is too big. That would cost you too much money. Instead, we’ll make sure your generator hits the sweet spot.

Installing It – Next, we’ll work diligently to find the perfect location for your generator. We want to make sure your generator looks great and works even better. We’ll find a safe place to install the generator so we can eliminate risks and eyesores. We’ll use concrete pads to ensure that the generator remains secure to the ground at all times.

Installing The Transfer Switch – Finally, we will need to install the transfer switch. This switch allows you to switch between power sources. Using an automatic transfer switch is wise. The automatic switch guarantees that your generator will take over when you experience a power outage.

You cannot wait for an emergency to realize you need a generator. Instead, you should install a generator now. There is no time to wait because you never know when the next emergency is coming.

You’ll always cherish your generator since it puts your mind at ease.

Installing Generator FAQs

In general, it may take up to three weeks to install your generator. We will need time to gather permits, all supplies, and upgrade your meter.

You may live in an area that experiences frequent power outages. If this is the case, you’ll want to do something about it. A standby generator will help. If a tornado knocks out your power, the generator will turn on and restore power to your home.

Before you can install a standby generator, you’ll need several permits. Getting those permits will be difficult. Work with H&A NYC Electrician to simplify this problem!


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