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Whole House Surge Protectors In New York– How Do They Work?

If you have a desktop computer or laptop, you are likely familiar with the surge protector. These components help minimize the damage caused by power outages, surges, and tripping. All of these malfunctions have been linked to malfunctioning appliances, electronics, lighting systems, and heating and air conditioning systems.

When the amount of electricity flowing through your home drastically increases without warning, your electrical system experienced what is known as a “power surge.”

Electrical surges are no joke. They can and will pose damage risks to the connected devices, such as appliances, ceiling fans, electric water heaters, computers, and stereo systems. Every component connected to the electrical system is at risk of sustaining damage during power surges.

How To Minimize Damage Caused By Power Surges?

There is not really a lot of options available when it comes to preventing power surges. Fortunately, there is a solution. This solution is an electrical panel update, which entails the replacement of the electrical wiring and circuit breakers. If the damage is severe, some or all of the outlets and/or switches will also need to be replaced.

The best and only way to protect your electricity-connected devices from power surge damage is a “whole house surge protector.” This component is very similar to the desktop a surge protector strip. The major difference between these two surge protectors is the installation. Whole house surge protectors are generally installed inside the electrical panel while the surge protector strip is plugged into a 110-volt outlet. The strip should have anywhere between one and six three-prong outlets.

Why Whole House Surge Protection?

There are many reasons why the whole house surge protector is more popular among homeowners compared to the individual power surge protector strip. For one, the name of the whole house surge protector speaks for itself. Instead of being limited to only a few connected devices, it protects your entire electrical mesh system of connected devices.

A surge protector works by preventing voltage strikes from making contact with the connected devices. Frequent power surges have been linked to temporary and permanent malfunctions of appliances, electronics, and other electricity-powered gadgets.

Professional Whole House Surge Protection Installation

Installing a whole-house surge protector requires a temporary power disconnection, which can only be done through your electricity service provider. In most cases, the device is installed inside the electrical panel to ensure full surge protection for your entire home.

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